The 10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes are a part of learning. They are proof that you are trying. No matter what the mistake is, or how big or small it is, rather than crying for it, one should learn from them.

Mistakes do happen in all fields and industries, and blogging is not exception to this. Bloggers, both big and small make mistakes. These mistakes can either leave a minor impact on your blog or can even ruin your blog completely !

But lets not fear away from mistakes. Instead we should learn from them.

I’ve been creating blogs and websites for clients from the last one year. There were couple of things I learned from these startups. Based on the things I learned, today I am compiling them into this article.

10 blogging mistakes

-> Blogging Mistake 1 ~ Choosing wrong web host / theme.

Web host ~ Choosing wrong web host for your website can dump your site. A good host ensures that your site is online most of the time. Runs fast and efficiently. A good web host will offer you dozens of features which will help you make your site perform better. On the same hand a bad web host might not be able to handle your site’s bandwidth or manage it efficiently. Ensure that you conduct some research before choosing your web host.

Theme ~ The second theme anyone notices on a website/blog is its appearance. Your theme should be appealing, lite and bot friendly as well. A professional theme not only pleases readers but also attracts advertisers towards your website. One should select his/her blog theme with caution.

-> Blogging Mistake 2 ~ Being too personal

Quite a lot of bloggers make the mistake of running a blog which is completely about them. I am not against personal name domains. Picking up your own name for your blog is not bad but blogging about yourself all the time isn’t recommended. This is because people aren’t interested in reading what is going in your life. People have their own problems which they search on the web and look for solutions. The only audience you can gather on a personal blog can be your friends, relatives and couple of readers from the web.

Audience from around the web will gather on your blog only if you provide them value posts that help them solve their problems. Try writing rich quality content to attract traffic from search engines as well.

-> Blogging Mistake 3 ~ Over-stuffing Advertisements and banners

Some bloggers assume that by over-stuffing their blog’s sidebar with adverts and banners, they can earn a large amount of money. This isn’t truth !

Readers don’t open a blog for reading about your marketing tactics, or watching advertisements blown in the sidebar.

You should instead blog for providing more value to your readers. Over-stuffing your blog with advertisements and banners everywhere will only irritate your readers and lure them to close your website. Always aim to provide value to readers instead of aiming to generate income from your blog. Apart from irritating readers, these adverts will also increase your site’s loading time.

-> Blogging Mistake 4 ~ Not Providing hot shot content

Publish content which holds the potential to get viral. Make sure your content is of the type that any one of your niche would love to share on his social media profiles. Make sharing easy by placing social share media buttons in a location that they are easy visible and accessible. On this blog, share buttons are placed just above the post and slide along as you read the article further. If you are a wordpress user, you can refer to one of my previous articles where I shared top social share button plugins.

It is suggested that you should place social sharing buttons either before or after the content. You can also place a vertical sliding share bar in left/right of your content. Placement of share button can vary according to blog’s theme and a couple of factors.

-> Blogging Mistake 5 ~ Turning off comments

It is a big turn off for any reader when he/she has a problem to ask and the comments are turned off. It is like being in a shop where there are no humans, you can only pick the item and a machine will bill you. Comments are a great way of engaging readers.

Comments also act as motivation for site owners. They are proof that humans are actually reading your content and responding to it.

I Agree that managing comments is not an easy task, but that doesn’t mean that you turn them off. There are couple of comment services that make managing comments an easy task. If you are using wordpress, you can get rid of spam with the help of some plugins. You can refer to this article on bloggitips that aims at stopping comment spam.

-> Blogging Mistake 6 ~ Not giving readers, a reason to return

I don’t focus on creating a blog that gets of traffic from spammy blogs, I concentrate on creating of community of honest readers that would love my blog.

Generally it happens that a reader visits a website for some sort of information, and leaves it after some time. He won’t buy anything from you. But if you manage you to engage that reader with your content, he/she shall return to your blog again. This way you can create more closer relations with your readers and form a community at your blog.

The readers who visit your blog quite often will surely buy from you or profit you. If you are not giving your readers to come back, you are loosing a lot of traffic. You can offer them a free E-book or any other freebie and ask them to subscribe. Once they subscribe, you can email them and bring them back on your blog.

-> Blogging Mistake 7 ~ Not commenting on other blogs

A lot of bloggers might not care about commenting on other blogs. When I was new, I also thought it was waste of time to comment on other blogs. But thats not the truth !

Commenting is quite beneficial for your blog. Not only it acts as a free source of traffic, but it also helps you build an identity across the web. Its not only me, Joy too wrote an article on blog commenting.

It works, because once you comment on a blog, others see it. When you comment often, your name gets popular on that blog. Quite often bloggers also visit commentator’s blog. You should probably comment on other blogs in your niche ( if you are not doing so ).

You can also grow your backlinks by commenting on other blogs. To grow do-follow links, you can read this post by Rakesh.

-> Blogging Mistake 8 ~ Producing SEO-toned content

Articles on your blog are meant to be read by a human, than why write it purely for SEO ? It is OK to optimize your blog post for SEO, but changing it just for the sake of search engine optimization is a mistake.

Don’t let search engines kill your creativity and imagination. Write what you feel will be better for your readers. Always value readers first and bots and crawlers after.

It is a long established fact in blogging that if you start producing content exclusively for bots, than no humans would be reading your blog. You may succeed to get on rank 1, but soon your rank will be dropped, Because your bounce rate will increase dramatically. The cause of bounce rate increase would be simple, you wrote content for SEO, you stuffed keywords and stretched it long without providing any value to your reader.

-> Blogging Mistake 9 ~ Choosing quantity over quality

If you are a blogger, you must have heard the popular quote “Content is the king”. It is a long established quote and works on blogs. Always invest your time in making your posts more quality stuffed. On this blog, I’ve always focused on quality instead of quantity.

You don’t need to publish a post daily ! Publishing one perfect post a week would be more beneficial instead of publishing one short post every day. When you invest more time in a post, you have chance to make it even better.

If you ever get stuck in situation when you are about to publish a post, but somewhere you think that you can make it better, stop and take some time to make it better.

-> Blogging Mistake 10 ~ You sound like a robot !

Using heavy words such as circumlocution, talismanic don’t make you sound like intelligent, instead it makes your reader get sleep in front of their desktop, tablet screens.

Write in simple words, as if even a 12 year kid can read it. Reduce words whose meaning need to be searched on google. Readers don’t sit with a dictionary to read your blog. Some times words like anomalistic get stuck in a sentence and destroy the complete meaning of sense. Although the reader reads it, he/she isn’t able to understand what the sentence was about.

Write in a simple language and manner. But don’t make grammar and punctuation mistakes. Silly mistakes like punctuation and grammar mistakes destroy the complete lack of interest. Make sure you neither sound like robot, nor you mess with grammar and punctuation. Always proof read your posts twice before publishing.

Final words – Another major mistake can be not reading other blogs on the web. A blogger should be like a student, always learning and in touch with his subject.

These were some common mistakes bloggers often commit. If you are a blogger, I am sure you must have made some mistakes as well. I’d love to hear your experience in the comments below. You can also leave your suggestions, feedbacks on this article in the comments section.

Before going , what do you think is better, making mistakes and learn from them or learning from other mistakes ? [ Leave your opinions in comments ]


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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Piyush Ranjan

Hello Rachit,
You have shown all the necessary information to avoid basic mistakes. And yes, thanks for the cute mention.
Basically, what happens, when any blog doesn’t grow well, it seems like a headache to the owners and finally they leave blogging. I face the problem of some of my friends. This happens due to lake business plan. The needs are completely changed now and you cant succeed if you don’t have business plan or marketing plan. So, this is my request to everybody that they should come up with new marketing plan and they start working like a king. And this really works.


    Hi Piyush,

    Thanks for visiting this blog post. I am glad you found the post informative.
    I Agree with you piyush, Although I also think that one should stick with his master plan and make small fix in it only. One should fix a goal and work towards it.

    Thanks for commenting.


Hello Rachit,
You have covered almost all the mistakes which a blogger makes generally.
There is proverb like ” The one who rectifies his mistakes by looking at other’s mistake is the wise”
And you have mentioned the list of mistakes, its we who has to avoid those mistakes to become wise. Thank you for sharing such an informative article…


    Hi Basharath,

    Yes, there is a proverb that one who rectifies his mistakes by looking at other’s mistake is wise. As I stated in the start, I’ve been making websites from quite a while, and I made this mistakes quite often. By writing them down here, my only aim is that no one else makes the same mistake after reading them.
    Thanks for commenting.

John Crooks

Hello Rachit ,

I completely agree with your post . Most of the newbies make a lot of mistake in the starting of their blogging career .

The mistakes you have mentioned are common mistakes done by blogger and these should be avoided specially selecting the wrong theme and filling blog with ads .

Thanks for sharing this post , it will help newbies and other bloggers to prevent these mistakes .


    Hi John,

    I am glad that you liked this post.
    To prevent bloggers from making these mistakes,was the main aim behind publishing this post.

    Selecting wrong theme and filling blog with ads can surely ruin a blog.

    Thanks for commenting.

Sachin Saini

Hello Rachit bro
all mistakes are true with newbies …….i hope everyone learn to here and avoid all mistakes ….
Thanks for sharing
good job

Keep Blogging


    Hi Sachin,

    Thanks for sharing your opinions on this post. I am glad that you found the information worth sharing.
    And I also thank you to stop by here and comment. I hope you will avoid these mistakes and help others as well (to avoid these mistakes).
    Once again, thanks for commenting buddy.

Rakesh kumar

Hi rachit, you have almost coverd all the mistakes, most of the time newbies as weĺl as prodo commit in their journey of blogging. I am not at all exceptional. You also raised your writing style but one point that I have seen throughout this post- you are not too much worried about your post seo. Pm me will discuss this matter and one post I would like to be edited is “this post” must be replaced by the article title. Hope you will treat it as a friedly suggestion.



    You were probably right, I don’t care much about SEO on this post. I am glad that you found my writing style interesting, I am still working on it.

    Coming to the friendly suggestion remark, Learning isn’t a bad thing sir. You pointed out a mistake and there is no point why I won’t take it as a friendly suggestion. I am instead thanking you for pointing this out.

    Thanks for your suggestions

Rahul Gupta

Great stuff Rachit,
I would say that every newbie should go through these 10 instructions while starting his blogging life. If you have passed these 10 hurdles then no one can stop you to become a successful blogger.


    Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for commenting. I agree that you can easily succeed if you over come these hurdles.

Joy Healey

Hi Rachit

Thanks so much for mentioning my article, and I do hope your readers will find it helpful.

Sorry for late arrival at your blog but – coincidentally – I was just finishing off a new post about my latest blogging mistake. One you didn’t mention…. tweaking and fiddling with stuff you don’t understand, then causing a huge problem that took hours of work and wasted time I could ill-afford. OUCH.

Anyway – back to your post. The one that resonated most with me was choosing the wrong web-hosting company. I have just changed to a new company after months of being hacked and slow support. The new company is top-notch.

As a connected mistake, I chose badly for my auto-responder and regretted it for months. Changing to a better one has also wasted me many hours, and probably cost me many prospects. Penny-wise and pound-foolish, a we say here in the UK.

I also particularly noted your point about poor grammar and spelling mistakes. When I see too many of these in a blog I just leave it. If people can’t communicate well, I haven’t got the time to waste on them. Yes, we ALL make the odd mistake but some blogs are appalling.

I tried blogging daily a couple of times, and even lasted 90 days for one blog, but what I ended up with was thin content that I didn’t have time to promote. That’s a mistake I won’t be making again!

I would love to say that I mostly learn from other people’s mistakes, but sadly I seem doomed to make them all myself. In fact much of my blog is dedicated to writing about them so I remember not to make them again.

Good to see your mistakes round-up post, and thanks again for the kind mention. Appreciated. Joy


    HI Joy,

    Thanks for commenting such a valuable comment.

    Its not a problem that you were busy, times get hard sometimes. I hope your blog theme problem would be solved now.

    I am glad that you mentioned your experiences about these mistakes and shared them here.
    Its a-ok if you made these mistakes, all you need to do is, not make them again.

    And once again, thanks a lot for valuable comment.


Hi Rachit Singh,
Very good article, you really write very well. I am great fan of your blog, keep writing.
Thanks for sharing.


    Hi Akash,

    Thanks for your kind words buddy, I am doing my best to make my content quality even more rich. I am glad you are part of Hacknovations Media. I appreciate your presence with my blog.
    Once again thanks for commenting.

Sandeep Mestha

Hello Rachit,
Almost six or eight months before I read an article on some of the blog where it was mentioned that comment links are of no good quality and you should stay away from that,

That was the reason I just removed comment option from my blog and never done any commenting/Engagement.

As a newbie I dont have much knowledge but can you please tell me is it safe to do comments and to have comment options enable on our blogs?

A explanation will be highly appreciated.


    Hi Sandeep,

    I Know it is a mess to manage comments as a lot of spam and negative comments have to be managed.

    But turning them off your blog is one very big step. As a blogger, you would really love it when users engage with your content, when users will ask you their doubts and problems.
    As I mentioned in the post as well, a blog with no comments is shop with no humans.
    What if your reader has a problem with your post ? He/she might not be willing to go the contact page and type all the details there. Additionally what if someone wishes to appreciate your work..
    Comments are really beneficial, the only thing you need to stay is from comment spam. Their are solutions for that too.

    You can try different comment platforms to reduce comment spam.
    By turning on comments you would give access to your audience so that they can engage with you, it will provide you a better chance of knowing your readers.

    I Hope this might be able to explain you why comment option is necessary on any blog.


Hi Rachit Singh,

You are right, we should not write our posts like a robot. I should write like we are personalizing our reader. By giving them reason to read and asking them to revisit is a great way to gain readers trust.

Thank you for the blogging alerts.


    Hi Mobashhir,

    THanks for your kind words. Writing posts like a robot is never a good idea. Giving them a free download can help you build you reader’s trust.

    Thanks for commenting.


Great Article Sir, I admire your writing and your blogging tips. I swear, I will never do any of this mistake in my journey as I already know them 😛
Thanks Sir,


    Hi Aloukik,

    I am sure you won’t make it. Thanks for commenting.


Hi Rachit Singh….
Very best article, you really write very well. Thanks for sharing your valuable suggestions on blooging mistakes.


    Hi Siva,

    Thanks for commenting. I am Glad to see you around on my blog. Welcome on this blog, I hope you would have enjoyed your visit.

    Hope to see you around again.

Saharsh Singh

great article sir. I completely agree with you. I admire your writing and your blogging tips. Keep sharing your knowledge with us.


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