10 Benefits of Blogging and Why You should Blog

Need a reason to start blogging ? There are thousands of them ! I’ve been blogging for 2 years now, and I know how beneficial it has been to me. It doesn’t matter, whether you are individual , a small business or owner of a firm, having a blog will always increase your exposure online. A survey shows that blogging leads to 55% increase in sales. It won’t be a new fact to believe that most of the companies, websites and entrepreneur have their blogs. Also, websites like KISSmetrics and quicksprout receive most of the customers from their blog itself. In this article I’ll tell you 10 benefits of blogging, and why you should be a blogger.

Professional Blogging platform

Thanks to Blogger.com and wordpress.com anyone can create a free blog in a few minutes and call themselves a blogger ! But creating merely a blog, you can’t call yourself a blogger. A blogger is not only a blogger, he is analyst, researcher, writer and at times a technical geek too. There are number of things a blogger does, from writing quality articles to creating articles images, favicon, logo and much more.

If you wish to stand out as a professional blogger, you need a real blog which you really “own”. There are lot of options online to create a blog online, but I’ll suggest wordpress.org, it’ll make your life much easier. If you aren’t sure how to create a self hosted wordpress blog, you can either read my article with instructions here, or hire me to make one for you.

10 Benefits of Blogging and Why you should Blog

benefits of blogging

I’ve been blogging for about 2 years now, as I mentioned above. Apart from the technical knowledge I gathered, there is much more I learned online as a blogger. Although there are lots of benefits of blogging, below mentioned are some benefits of blogging which would inspire you to start a blog online.

1. You will become a better writer : As I mentioned above, a blogger has to be several things, including writer. It doesn’t matter which niche your blog belongs to, you would always be sharpening your writing skills. When I started blogging online I merely wrote quality posts, with time I started writing more quality articles.

Most of the pro-bloggers have written several E-books which are quite successful too. All the writers are bloggers in disguise too. Although I must clarify I am not saying every blogger is a writer, writing is a skill, and not everyone has it, but still it’ll surely make your writing skills much better.

Also, the publishing business is not what it was sometime, publishers now tend towards authors who already have a audience, and this is where having a blog dives in, keeping a blog isn’t only beneficial to become a better writer but also it may be the fastest path to be a published writer.

2. You will learn a lot : Stephen King summed this quote well ” If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot” . Blogging requires a lot of research work, to write about a topic, you first need to read about the topic in detail. Suppose you have a blog in the tech niche, you would learn a lot of things, like creating “How-to” videos, recording podcasts, editing graphics, making logo and much more.

When I started blogging all I knew was, CSS is cascading style sheets and a little bit of html. With the passing time, I learned various aspects of blog like marketing, SEO, and much more. Blogging is one of the best ways to keep yourself sticked to the subject you love. If you are travel geek, you would learn about new places, if you are a food blogger, you’ll explore new dishes , if you have your blog in tech niche, you’ll learn a variety of things.

online exposure
3. Online exposure : Having a blog maximizes your online exposure, a lot of people come to know you. Its a nice pleasure meeting new people, mainly those who are just like you and working in the same niche. Answer me honestly, how many times you have turned the pages of real book when you needed a piece of information ? We rarely go through the real books when we need something, thanks to wikipedia, it made our homework a lot easier. People search nearly everything online, if you work hard enough and write about these topics, you would be quite a famous person online. So, having a blog certainly increases your online exposure.

4. Earn money Online : I don’t say you need a blog to earn online, but having one increases your chances to earn online to a great extent. When you have a blog, there are endless number of ways you can turn it into money making machine. Let me admit this fact, you can’t just start a blog and be a millionaire online. Blogging is not “Get Quick Rich” scheme , it needs hard work and several skills to be invested. Although there are thousands of blog out there, but not all make money.

make money online
With the right tools and proper aim, you can earn a lot online. When I started blogging I wasn’t turning any profits for the first 4 months, but then I started realizing that my passion ( blogging ) was costing me some money. So, I started using affiliate marketing , google adsense etc to earn profits through my blog. Having a blog you can easily interact with advertisers for direct advertising too, several big companies online derive majority of their sales from their blog itself.

5. Community of Readers : When you would be blogging for a while, you’ll be talking with a polite community of readers. It depends on how you write and which kind of articles you write, that which community you’ll be maintaining. Suppose you are a food blogger, you’ll have a community of food lovers, cooks and similar persons.

I don’t know about other bloggers, but instead of receiving high volume of traffic, I’d love to receive quality traffic and continue to grow it with time.

6. Making the web better : Every piece of information you end up finding in google searches is contributed by someone, directly or indirectly. If you have a blog, you can share your knowledge with the globe. Although I am not saying every blogger writes quality articles, it isn’t possible either, because it takes time and it is natural .

Every newbie blogger makes mistake, learn from them, make mistakes, learn and this cycle continues. Even the expert bloggers also mistake, but I always say, never worry about mistakes, there will be always a lesson they’d give you and make you better. You can also express yourself better through your blog, several bloggers write about themselves and share their personal experiences too.

7. Stay connected to your subject : It is well known fact if you remain away from your subject for quite a long time, you’ll be slowly forgetting several facts or completely the subject itself. For example if you are expert in mathematics, and you leave practicing, with time your calculation speed will start decreasing. Blogging is one of the best ways to stay connected to your subject. If you keep writing , researching and talking about the subject, you’ll always be connected to it. You can blog about any topic or subject you love.

8. Become an expert researcher : With time, you’ll be turning yourself into a great researcher. As a blogger I use several tools, about which majority of my friends don’t know. When I need to write about a topic, I spend several hours researching various aspects of it, such as post title, images and many other things.

When you’ll be a blogger yourself, you too would be using keyword research tools, seo tools and many other tools to research about your topic, not only you’ll turn into expert researcher, you also analyze better.

9. Drive more sales : Have you ever thought what is the main source of traffic and revenue for websites like Quicksprout and KISSmetrics ? Yes, it is their blog ! When you write quality articles , you’ll come to know your topic better and sooner or later, advertisers will believe you as a expert and advertise on your blog. You never if the reader reading your article is an advertiser or not. Several websites have a blog integrated in their website too, to increase their sales and boost their sales. So, if you are small or medium or even a big sized business or company, you should surely start a blog.

10. Help others : One thing I’ve done a lot through this blog is, help others. I spread my words high and made 2 websites , helped several bloggers, wrote guest posts, talked with a lots of successful bloggers.  With your blog you can help a lot of people, consider WikiPedia, this site saves homework time of a lot of students #Joking. Sites such as Wikihow, wikipedia, and several others help a lot of people, who are in need of some information. A lot of search are made per day, per hour, per minute on google and other search engines. People are always in search of a information , or two, you can help them through your blog.

Final words : Its now about 2 years I’ve been blogging , and on April 22, 2015 Hacknovations is going to complete its first year on web. Its been a great time blogging, I learned a lot of things, talked with a lot of successful bloggers, helped some small bloggers and newbies as well.

Although I’ve mentioned 10 benefits of blogging, I still feel this isn’t enough. I’d love if you share what advantages you feel about blogging, you can leave your views and comments below in the comments. So, how is blogging beneficial to you ?


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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Blogging is best option for name ,fame,knowledge and much more …. But some people only consider that it gives you fast earning like by ads …..blogging is passion not fashion ….BE hardworking and take patience then majority of the blogger would succeed …
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